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Blastrac Reducers

To reduce the blasting width of shot blasting machines

Blastrac blast pattern reducers are especially designed to reduce the blasting width of 6 different Blastrac shot blasting machines.

Blastrac has reducers available for the 1-8DPS30, 1-8DPS55, 1-10DPS75, 1-15DS, 2-20DT and 2-30DS shot blasting models.
All blast pattern reducers are produced from the highest quality manganese steel for heavy duty professional use and guarantees a longer life time for your equipment.

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Shot blasting reducers
E06189Reducerar blästringsbredden från 203 mm till 127 mm
E06190Reducerar blästringsbredden från 203 mm till 152 mm


Shot Blasting Reducer
E06947Reducerar blästringsbredden från 254 mm till 130 mm


Shot Blasting Reducers
E07397 (Höger) E07398 (Vänster)Reducerar blästringsbredden från 383 mm till 233 mm, 550 mm till 400 mm och 802 mm till 652 mm

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